Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Two-Hour Project

I did it! I finished my border print blouse in two hours!

Pinned to my design looks great. 

I tried it on with a pair of skinny jeans and love it. 

I took a pattern I had already made and changed the bottom half to best show the border print. Made a straight edge with slit sides.

Kind of fun to have a project done in a couple of hours. 

Just in time to wear for some fun holiday events over the weekend.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Organizing Projects

Almost done with my Christmas decorating. I spent the weekend cleaning up my studio so I could use my cutting table to get a blouse cut out from a border printed batik rayon I bought at the Houston quilt show from a California vendor, Sew Batiks.

Hoping I can quickly stitch this blouse up today. Ha!

I also cut strips to make an inner border for the Christmas Gifts' quilt.

Almost two years ago I bought this adorable pattern on a Kauai vacation. I actually started it in September...time to get back to working on it.

My Material Girls quilting group came up with a panel challenge. By next May I have to reveal my finished quilt. I have had this set of Hoffman tiles for many years so these are the little panels I want to use.

This Moda Bake Shop pattern, Moroccan Tiles, is inspiring me. 

And I have to share my second treadle machine rehab. 

I could not believe how great she looked after a little time and elbow grease. I used Howard Restor-A-Finish followed by a coating of Howard Feed-N-Wax. I cleaned all the metal surfaces with sewing machine oil. I am naming her "Evelyn," after my grandmother. She had a treadle sewing machine that was thrown out into the burn pile because she never thought anyone would want it. We acquired this machine from some good friends who had gotten it from their mother but no one in the family sewed or really wanted it. Lucky me!

I need to contact a local fellow who gets these machines working. I hope he makes house calls! 

And just had to share of pic of Kinley hanging with me in the studio this morning. She's been very clingy to me lately.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Finishes for 2017

In the midst of decorating for Christmas, I took time to finish two projects that have been on my list for a few years. 

"Full Bloom," is completely quilted. It is gorgeous. The real test now is washing it to get the glue out that was used to adhere all the flowers into place. I did pre-soak all the batiks in hot water for a day, so I do not expect bleeding issues. 

I am so happy I made refinishing my second treadle machine a priority. I just couldn't end another year with this poor machine stuck in my garage. It had already been seven years.

I used Howard Restor-A-Finish on the wood, sewing machine oil on all the metal and then Howard Feed-n-Wax to finish the wood. It looks amazing!

My next step is to get it working. There is a local fellow who works on treadles that comes highly recommended by several quilting friends. I hope he makes house calls so I don't have to bring my two treadles to him. 

I am working a little...or a lot...every day to get my Christmas decorations up. My 20-pound Maine Coon cat is making it very challenging. I won't be putting my Christmas tree up until the week of Christmas.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Christmas Projects

I should be doing so many other things...not sewing yet another quilt top.

But look how gosh darn cute this quilt is!

I bought this kit almost 10 years ago for my mother-in-law. When I was in Texas earlier this month she re-gifted it to me. I needed a project for Breakfast Club and this was the winner. 

Here's the pattern. It gets a major thumbs up from me. It's a fat quarter pattern, 10 fat quarters of three colors for 30 total fat quarters. I am planning to add simple borders since I have fabric that will work perfectly.

I finished my last Bucilla kit of the 2017 year. Now I will concentrate on finishing up a few Christmas projects and begin decorating the house. 

My cat is so enamored with all Christmas ornaments that I won't be putting my tree up until a week or before Christmas. He tried to snatch these ornaments as I was taking photos of them.

These are companion ornaments to a stocking kit, Candy Express. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A Quick Trip to Texas

My winter is going too fast! I'm supposed to get lots of quilting and sewing done in the winter. I'm not getting nearly enough sewing done...yet. I have trips away from home every month through March. My first trip of the season was to Texas to see family, attend my husband's Texas Air National Guard reunion and luckily I managed a day at the Houston Quilt show. 

The first booth I hit was Sew Batiks, a company out of California. They manufacture a large line of wide-backing batiks which I have ordered over the years. I fell right away for this kit so it came home with me.

They also manufacture many rayon batiks. The navy blue piece on the right is from their booth. It is a border print. The other two pieces are from a booth, Fabrilish. Love that name. The hot pink is a rayon batik but the sea green piece is a bamboo fiber. 

I've seen this blouse pattern for years but finally saw a lady wearing the green top and thought it was great so I had to get the pattern. Only two side seams and the top is complete. One of my winter trips is to Hawaii and I want to make the pink top for it.

The Houston Quilt Show is a pretty good place to shop for wools so I tracked down pieces to make some Santa dolls. Many years ago I would make a new Santa doll every Christmas. I think that lasted three years. I'm am still hopeful I will get some made before this Christmas.

I am sooooo excited about my Bloom quilt. I got all the flowers outline stitched and have started on the background quilting.  

I have been making Bucilla stocking kits since 1995. I have completed 54 stockings. Every year when  Bucilla comes out with new designs, I wish for a pilot Santa. It finally happened! I just got my new kit and this will be the first Bucilla project for 2018.

There is so much more to share but it is time to get back to stitching.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Hot Water and Heat are Good Things

For the past week my life was hijacked by a boiler heating system and hot water heater that weren't doing their jobs keeping our house warm. I tried to push through the distraction and attend the quilting retreat with my Material Girls quilting group but  I gave up after the third morning of waking up to no heat and changed the quilt retreat into a stay-at-home intense Bucilla kit work session. I could sit at my dining room table which was next to the fireplace...pretty cozy.

I finished this adorable stocking, Candy Express.

I finished the first companion ornament to the stocking...tiny pieces which were a challenge not to lose before they were all attached.

We got our first official snowfall for the season on Saturday. Most of it has melted be we had it for a few days and the dogs loved playing in it.

Eli...he really wanted to sit on the dining room table while I was working on the stocking but that is not allowed. Here is his reaction to my reprimand...Ha!

I have been pecking away at my Bloom quilt. 

It is so much easier stitching through the soluble glue edges versus fusible web. 

This quilt is from Fourth & Sixth Designs. They have a YouTube video for each block, specifically for construction using a domestic sewing machine and one video for doing all the top stitching on a longarm.  

I am obviously doing the longarm version.

I will wash this quilt to get rid of the glue so that will be the final test to see how I like this technique but so far a major thumbs up from me.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

A Clothing Finish!

I'm pretty happy with the finished product!

Most fits. A little roomy through the hips but I am not planning to alter it. It is extremely comfortable and was super easy. No buttons or zippers. It slips on and off very easily.

Here's another look at the pattern. I made the pink version with long sleeves. I used a silky, rayon print. 

I pulled out a specialty foot I have ignored for 20 years, a rolled hem foot. It took me a couple of tries to perfect my technique of running the edge of the fabric through the foot but it was worth the extra practice to get it so perfectly stitched in the end.

Two more blouse patterns to I on a roll? I hope so! 

Friday, September 29, 2017

Knobs Everywhere

Nothing like taking an idea and running with it! 

My local home store keeps running out of these knob sets but buying the knobs individually is a little more expensive. Here are my supplies. The #8 hangar bolts are the main ingredient for changing cabinet knobs into wall mounted knobs.

Picture quilt comes out of hiding to hang on a bathroom wall. 

My primary guest room also got an art quilt. You might recognize this McKenna Ryan design, "Rhythm of the Sea."

And knobs for hanging a quilt in my studio.

And I almost forgot...before and after landscape photos.

The last side of the driveway pad...this was a dumping area when our home was under construction. 

Rock covering the slope and out of control vegetation cleared. 

Another view...

And a mad rush to add a second perennial bed...after all...the firepit looks lonely...

Rocks in place to outline the second perennial bed. Next spring my first job will be getting soil delivered.

The big rock pile is gone! I still have some other areas of the yard to clean up before the snow arrives. I am hoping to finish that this weekend as the forecast is great for Saturday and Sunday.

No quilting until I finish making this top. I did get it cut out last Sunday. I think once I sit down at the sewing machine I will zip right through this blouse. I am making the pink short sleeved version. 

I am out of knobs but there are a few more bare walls in my house to of these days.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Completing Projects

I finished the binding on my Sea Holly Hunter's Star quilt just in time for September's Breakfast Club. The club is meeting tomorrow. I made my own border design but used the construction method from the Missouri Star Quilt Co.,  Block magazine holiday issue from 2015. I had a layer cake and jelly roll from the Hoffman Sea Holly Bali colorway hiding in my stash. The background is also a Hoffman Bali dot 885 colorway, #413 Watercress. Beautiful fabrics.

I have found that quilting  with parallel lines along the border tends to distort the border...I know my piecing was spot on when I made the top and this is the second quilt I have noticed this issue occuring. I am always learning.

I finished another cross stitched Santa ornament, Musical Santa. 

On Saturday, I had some new visitors to my yard, three horses that got loose from my neighbor. They roamed our street for a few hours which made my dog, Logan, absolutely crazy. 

And the end is in sight for my autumn landscaping projects. Little bits of rock left to move. I'm not tackling any new  landscaping projects until spring of 2018. 

It is raining today and my list of indoor projects is extensive...but getting ready for Breakfast Club will be my number one priority.

I missed the August Breakfast Club because I woke up that morning to a very sick dog. As it turns out, McKinley, most likely had a bacterial infection caused by eating rabbit tainted with Tulameria,  also known as Rabbit Fever. Antibiotics took care of the illness. It was very scary for about 24 hours. We are experiencing a boom in rabbit numbers this summer throughout Alaska. There are cycles to the rabbit population...who knew? The owls in our area leave rabbit parts from their hunting excursions and I am often pulling rabbit parts out of the dogs' mouths. 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Changing Quilts for Autumn

Always fun to change the decor up a bit. "Henrietta Whiskers," above my treadle machine, was the easiest existing curtain rod for hanging was staying in place. This is an Anne Sutton pattern that was a free block of the month on her blog many years ago. It was very different from my usual tastes but I did it in batiks with wool applique and made it mine. All the materials were from my stash. 

Next, was my entry way. I took down the curtain rod  I was using and did cabinet knobs along the top edge of my wall. The advantage is the quilt hangs flush against the wall.

Here's a better look at the knobs I used to hang the quilt. This is a very fun and quick strip pattern called, "Strip Lash."

Last spring I put knobs all along three sides of my breakfast nook. At Christmas I added the knobs above my windows to hang garland and stockings which gave me the idea to do all three walls and hang a quilt on one side.

My husband says this quilt is one of his favorites because of all the different textures. Tough to get a good photo on a gloomy day. The pattern is, "Perfect Ten," which uses 10 fat quarters.

And this is our mud room off the garage entry. This is another easy quilt called, "Irish Mist." Got it as a kit at the Houston quilt show several years ago. This quilt hides lots of ugly things; two circuit breaker panels and a series of wall mounted units like a router and cable TV box.

The gloomy weather continues so I am hoping to get the quilts changed in my master bedroom and add some knobs in other spaces for more quilts.